Safety Turtle
This wireless safety alarm is one of the easiest to use, and most reliable. The system consists of an electronic wristband which securely locks around your child's wrist using a key, and a remote 110V base unit to be located up to 100 ft. from your pool or spa. A signal transmits to the base station the instant the wristband hits the water, and a piercing loud alarm alerts you of danger. Unlike other pool alarms, Safety Turtle is not prone to false alarms and will not be set off by rain or sprinklers. This alarm doesn't need to be turned off when the pool is cleaned or in use, so you'll never forget to turn it back on. And, because Safety Turtle requires no poolside installation, it easily travels to another pool, boat, or lakeside cottage. Multiple wristbands can be used simultaneously, so keep an extra on hand for friends and neighbors. 1-Year Warranty (base), 6-Month Warranty (wristbands).

Use Safety Turtle by the lake, in the boat, around the pool or pond!
No installation in the pool is required. Just simply strap a Turtle Wristband onto the child (or pet), plug in the remote unit, and the system is armed. If the wristband is submerged in water, the alarm shrieks.
There is no need to turn the system off when the pool is in use or when it is being cleaned.
Safety Turtle can easily be taken to another pool, to a boat, or to the cottage.
Inserting a "Baby Turtle" plug into the Base Station sets it to recognize Turtles of a matching color. By using different colors of Turtle, neighbors can enjoy the benefits of Safety Turtle without triggering each other's alarms. A matching Baby Turtle is included with each Turtle wristband.
The alarm volume can be reduced temporarily for testing.
Spray from lawn sprinklers won't trigger the alarm.
Safety Turtle has a battery life of at least four years when used every day.