The worlds first safety cover was made of Meycotm Meycolite Mesh material which is still true to this day. Meyco's Meycolite Safety Covers are fabricated using a porous material that allows surface water to drain through leaving most debris on top to eventually dry up and blow away. As a result, your pool is not only safeguarded during the off-season, but does not turn into an eyesore with accumulating debris plus unsightly and potentially dangerous surface water. The material is lightweight (5 pounds/ 100 sq .ft.), yet extremely strong and treated for color fastness to minimize fading when exposed to sunlight. The standard color is Forest Green with Blue and Black available as options.

Use a newly developed mesh material built to offer a unique combination of UV protection, filtering, superior strength, light weight and ultimate pool protection. Rugged-Mesh weighs almost 50% less than the typical solid safety cover. Mesh material's special weave allows water to drain while collecting finer debris keeping the pool water even cleaner. Rated at almost 100% shade using a standarad light box test, the amount of sunlight entering the pool is signifigantly reduced or eliminated, which in turn reduces algae growth. Designed for tougher, rugged areas, the Rugged-Mesh has increased abrasion resistance and tear strength and can be used in areas of rougher or sharp coping, raised areas or windier area

The latest advance in Solid Safety Cover Technology, features an Ultra-Strong, Ultra-Light Vinyl material.

Surface water removal is accomplished either through the use of and automatic pump which is included with the cover or utilizing Meyco's unique self-draining design.

The opaque vinyl material blocks out sunlight which may contribute to the formation of visible algae in the absence of preventative chemicals. It also forms a more effective barrier to prevent surface water and foreign debris from contaminating the pool water.